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Company Characteristic

From the family business to a comprehensive enterprises, a large number of growing Zhejiang enterprises have shown out gradually complicated and exuberant forms. In order to participate in the global competition and to merge into the whole world, the bridge leading to the world has to be built. Nowadays, the traditional ways of international trade can not meet the various demands of different customers. ZCEC realizes that the customer’s need is the base of a company, and hence ZCEC is doing its best to become a service provider for whole international commercial solutions.


One full set of standard import and export operation process and scientific management patterns are acquired so as to provide our clients with safe, satisfied and efficient service, and the clients’ benefits are protected.


In addition to those regular import and export procedures, we also offer preliminary consultation and application of import licenses. Clients are exempted from all the troubles from the initiation of import application to the arrival of the goods.


The personalized commercial solutions are designed to meet every client’s different demands. All difficult problems can be settled under the expert’s guides.


We are able to give proposals in all aspects, including substantiation of investments, policy consultation, products categorization, selection of trade terms, type of contracts, control of risks on exchange rate, means of clearing from the customs, commodity inspection and transportation schemes. Moreover, we advocate that the solutions be demonstrated in advance, the customs clearance be speed up and the unforeseeable expenditures be lowered.


Supported by strong operation capitals, we are capable of adopting flexible and diversified means of settlements so as to meet clients’ demand and maximize the profits of our clients. We strive to get mutual success.