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Cooperating with commercial banks ,insurance companies and guarantee companies, our company offers imported equipment mortgage loan services professionally. As the franchised dealer designated by banks, our company (import agent) will sign a contract with the supplier after type selection of equipment, pricing and technical talk between the client and the supplier. According to the actual capital demand of our client, the financing difficulty problem of the investment project for client will be solved by the above-mentioned mortgage loan business completely.

We shall serve our clients with on-site service of going through all the procedures of imported equipment mortgage loan business cordially. For the purpose of making client enjoy relaxation and pleasure with importing equipment and amortizing the loan, we shall coordinate among the parties to provide our client with more financing opportunities, especially for small and medium companies.

Imported equipment mortgage loan services are popular with our clients especially for small and medium companies. There are four advantages as followings: firstly, the suppliers can withdraw currency immediately; secondly, the end-user (Production Company) solved their financing problems and has enough funds for production to make profit soon. Thirdly, the loan period usually between 2-3 years .Clients can choose flexibly as they need. Forth, fast and convenient for examine. No need other company guarantee, only take the equipments as mortgage.